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Hello dear reader, my name is Robinsh Kumar and I’m the founder and editor in chief at Naukri Daily.

career in government jobs

I’m feeling very happy to announce that today it is the launch of naukridaily blogs with the motive to help boost student’s career in government jobs by providing genuine and free advice from the industry experts.


Naukri Daily Blog

The blogs would be an immediate medium to connect with naukridaily readers to allow them understand everything old, new and futuristic about jobs in government sector and to do so I’ll invite :-

  1. Industry Professionals
  2. Teachers/Professors
  3. Facilitators
  4. Researchers
  5. Scholars

And all other who can share something that can help you learn new and exciting things about the employment in India.

Note* – Blogs would get updates along with the news section, but it is not going to disturb our primary task and that is to provide news about latest government jobs in India.

What type of Information to Expect

I created this blog to fill the gap that was not possible to cover at the news section and from now onward you can see information like :-

  1. How to Prepare for any Particular Recruitment Examination
  2. Career Related Questions with Answers
  3. Books to Choose for Preparation
  4. Institutions to Choose for Preparation
  5. Course that Could be Best for You
  6. Online Tools to Help Your Preparation
  7. Freebies/Contests
  8. Announcement

And many more things that could be used for your self help, and the best thing is that it will be available at your fingertips 24X7.

How you Can get Updates Everytime
I’ll Publish Something New ?

I know you don’t likes to check your email account as much as the social networks and that’s why I’m inviting you to do the following :-

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