All Online Courses are Fake in India, Your Questions Answered

Attention ! If you are going to take admission in any course online this session then please stop and read this news & question – answer update till bottom and you would come to know that how all your time and money could have wasted.

Fake Online Courses in India Fake Online Courses

In a recently published public notice by the University Grants Commission (UGC) it is exposed that there is no credibility of “Online” programmes offered by many government and private institutions across the country.


According to UGC, many Universities/Deemed to be Universities & Institutes offering “Online Courses” and promoting those courses using misleading advertisements stating those courses are approved by University Grants Commission (UGC) while the truth is that UGC never approved any course online.

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Have Questions about Online Courses in India ?

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I know you must have some questions after reading this news, and that’s why I’m answering some common questions, but you can ask in the comments if your question is not answered below.

1. Question – I saw a Government University is offering an Online Course, would you say that is fake ?

Answer – All the Government University/Private University/Deemed to be University & Institutes are cheating the students by pushing misleading advertisements so I would recommend not to appear in any such course online.

2. Question – How a Government University or Institute could cheat the Students ?

Answer – Government University/Institute does not mean that they are fully controlled by the UGC or Government itself and sometimes communication gap could also leads to such activities so it is possible.

3. Question – I already have completed a Course Online from an Institute of repute, what should I do now ?

Answer –  As per UGC notification, you won’t be able to present those fake degrees anytime in future for the purpose of employment or for higher education, so I’m sorry to say but you got cheated and all your efforts, time and money gone in vain.

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Source : UGC Public Notice