Students Must Avoid these 5 Mistakes during Board Exam

Board exam time table is announced for the academic session 2016-17.

All the participating students are already engaged with their revision and I hope you are also doing the same. As we all know that hard work and preparation is very essential to score good marks in the exam. And this is only time left for revision, and you should know that this needs more dedication and responsibility from being a student who is going to face the annual examination conducted by your board of education.

However, sometimes students make mistakes while appearing for 10 board exam or for board of intermediate education.

By rectifying or getting the awareness of the mistakes you can avoid this relevantly.

Take Time to Read Question paper

The most common mistake students make is not checking the question paper properly, so you should give some time to understand the pattern and plan a better strategy before starting writing your answers.

By checking question properly you will feel more confident to solve the questions and then you will write the exam paper in most organized way.

This way you can be more disciplined and can complete the paper on time.

Manage your Time and Plan Accordingly

Time plays an important role in board exams. By managing your time during the exam you can get rid of difficulties facing in the board. It is essential not to spare time on a difficult question in particular. This will confuse you more. Hence, it is important to write, the easier questions first, and then you can resolve the difficult questions.

Focus on Hierarchy helps you Score Better

Board of Intermediate Education also determines some hierarchy in the question papers. By following the proper guidelines for the same, you can avoid the mistakes during board exam. This way the students can analysis the question papers and develop the skill of understanding the matters. You will able to score good marks. Planning is important during the time of Board Exam.

Manage to get Correct Data

Sometimes students make the mistake by copying incorrect data in the board question paper. The students should take extra care while collecting numerical questions. You should count all the questions by giving a tick sign on it that will save your time and you can obtain correct numerical count.

Organize your answers and make a strategy to resolve it on time. This will give you more moral support to resolve all the questions during exam.

Diagrams fetch you Good Marks

Neat and proper diagrams can fetch you good marks during your board exam. By correcting it nicely and labeling it efficiently, you can satisfy the examiner. They would give you good marks while examining question papers. This will impact a good image on examiner. By avoiding such kind of small mistakes during your exam you can expect better board exam result.


Balance your aspects of understanding level during the Board exam. By avoiding these mistakes you can be organized at the time of exam and can obtain good marks. Board Exam is crucial, but not so difficult, once you get to understand the strategy of this, you would resolve all the questions easily. You will get a stress-free thought and also get better ideas to receive more marks on average.

Finally, besides these aforementioned mistakes, it is essential that you switch to the process of self-corrections and appear for your Board exam with great ease.