Government Job Vs Private Job: Advantages & Perks

In 2017 and beyond you’ll find it more difficult to do comparison between government job and private job. And I decided to do a deep analysis between these two main sectors where the youth is heading for employment after completing their college.

Government Job Vs Private Job

comparison between government job and private job

Yes, I’m talking about public sector vs private sector jobs in India.

In this article, you’ll find answers of all the basic questions that arises into the mind of every student who is about to complete his/her college and have to search for the best available job so that they can pay their education loan, support their parents or for marriage.

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Comparison between Government Job and Private Job

First of all, let me tell you that beside government and private job you could also try to become an independent business owner if you have a valid idea and team to execute the idea to help target market because government of India itself promoting various schemes like Startup India, Skill Development and Digital India to help youths participate in creating more of private sector jobs.

If you have opposite situations and you need a source of income immediately after completing your degree then I would advise you to apply for a job vacancy that suits your needs.

Let’s start with …

Advantages of Government Jobs

  • Job Security: This is the first reason why Indian parents and youth themselves are keen to become a government servant and no doubt having a secure employment opportunity is like a dream come true situation for any child who belongs to a middle-class family.
  • Flexible Working Hours: In an Indian government service, there is no hard and fast rule to reach your office or work site at sharp 9 or 10 AM and nobody is going to poke you all along your way to work. It is your duty to reach at your work on time and complete the project in given period of time however there is no serious problem if you fail for any reason.
  • Salary, Incentives & Bonus: After 7th Pay commission salary of an Indian government employee increased to 23.55% and the good news is that from now onward the minimum wage would be Rs. 18,000/- per month or 2.16 Lakh per annum.
  • Respect in Society: Another solid reason to join Indian government services because many people do not work for money but they need people attention, they want respect from the society and after joining any government service in country you would feel the difference.
  • Easy to get financial support: If you are a government official then you can get loan, discount and other similar offers from the government as well as private companies resulting a great financial support for you or your family to grow and have a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

Government Job Perks

In government job, you have not only the above-mentioned benefits but you have access to many perks that could not be expected by any private firm. And some of them are:

  1. Government quarter (spacious ones) at minimal rent
  2. Have access to free travel with some limitations
  3. Can avail medical facilities to you and your family members for free
  4. Holidays, fixed leaves
  5. Discount on telecommunication services

And the list goes on, you just have to maintain relationship with your seniors and you could also expect promotions with increased salary and benefits as mentioned above.

Now see …

Private Jobs

advantages of private jobs

Due to increasing competition and changing work culture private firms are also started caring for their employees so you could not ignore their presence even if you are 99% dedicated to become a government employee.

Do you know: Private firms (formal & informal) are contributing up to 96.5% of the employment in India. Click to Tweet

Advantages of Private Jobs

  • No caste based reservation: In private firms, you can enter upon the basis of your talent and sometime genuine referral cold help. Unlike government examinations you won’t face any partiality during your selection, promotion or work at the organization.
  • Strict to office timing: These firms generally be very strict to their office timing so that they can meet their client expectations on time, every time but now a day they are changing their office timing to give some flexibility to their employees. And this flexibility results in better productivity most of time.
  • Interested based projects: In private firms, they want you to be best at work and that’s why your manager try to give you the projects of your interest. It makes work life more interesting and then you enjoy your professional life.
  • Promotion: If you are a high performing employee of the company and your work is helping the company to grow then be ready to be promoted with a new team, new office and of course increased pay with other benefits.
  • You can move from one to another company: In private sector, you won’t have to be with your employer for the life, in fact you are free to choose another firm that is offering better benefits for your time.

Private Job Perks

In private firms, you won’t be able to receive free travel, company owned flats, discount on telecommunication services, holidays or fixed leaves unless you’re sitting at an executive level.

So, what are the perks of private jobs?

  1. Separate cabin for focus on your work
  2. Hygiene at washrooms
  3. Free snacks to some limit
  4. Clean campus with necessary amenities
  5. Insurance and Medical benefits to you and your family members

And the list goes on, if you would compare government jobs with private jobs then you would find that both the sectors have their own pro’s and con’s so how to choose between these two it would depend upon your expectations that you want to experience in your professional life.

Conclusion: After checking almost all the aspects of government sector vs private sector employment opportunities in India I think you must take decision on the basis of your personal nature to live the life.

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