How to prepare for SSC CGL Tier-I Exam in the last 15 days?

Every year, thousands of students aspire to serve their nation and join government jobs. The perks of a government jobs are desired by almost every youngster these days. In India, one can get government job by clearing various entrances like SSC, UPSC, PCS and many more. Among them SSC (Staff Selection Commission) conducts exams at various levels like 10+2 level, graduate-level etc.

If you are aspiring for joining at SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level) then you must prepare well and work hard. You need to start as soon as possible to get the maximum time for practice. As more you practice more you will score. But when the exam is near your anxiety level may rise high. So, you are required to hold yourself up and make a plan to extract maximum from last few days before exam.

Prepare for SSC CGL Tier-I Exam in the last 15 days

In this article we will focus on How to prepare yourself for SSC CGL Tier I exam in last 15 days. These last 15 days are very crucial.  You need to have perfect preparation and boost yourself up with the confidence of getting selected for a desired post of Government job. 

Two weeks before exams are meant for revision only. All you need to do is revise thoroughly each and every topic. Go section wise. Read all the rules for solving various reasoning problems. For general knowledge keep on reading newspaper and general awareness books like Lucent. You should technically never stop reading any news or current affairs of past three to four months. Even if you have read them before too, read them again. The more you will read, the easier it would be to remember them.

Other than these two sections, don’t practice quantitative aptitude separately now. Just go through the short cuts and tricks to solve some questions. This will help you save time. For general English, revise all the grammar rules in alternate days to imbibe them in your soul. Never stop reading synonyms, antonyms, word meanings and idiom and phrases. Read new words daily either from newspaper or from any book which you like.

In the last fifteen days don’t start anything new. Instead keep on revising the same old stuff which you have studied till now. So basically, these days should be entirely dedicated to revision.

Second to revision of all the sections separately is giving mock tests. Yes, you should practice at least 3-4 mock tests daily. Make sure you do them online as now SSC conducts the CGL exam online. See your progress and analyze your score. Find out your mistakes and try not to repeat them in next test. Go for previous year paper as it will guide you better about the type of questions asked in exam.

Other than these things candidates require to remember some other points too.

They need to stay focused. Don’t waste your time in thinking negative and getting scared of the exam. Always remember if you are well prepared and are confident, then no one can stop you in reaching your goal. Do not forget that these 15 days are going to be decisive for you, so instead of wasting your time, spend it in studying and preparing well for the exam. For these 15 days, implement your study goals with perfect plans and strategies as mentioned above. Utilize every single minute in analyzing the topics and executing your strategies. Even only 15 days of dedication can take you to your dream job, so, spend these days like a race where you only have to move ahead.

This is a key to be followed for every single day during these 15 days. After reading the topics all day long, don’t forget to do over all revision before going to sleep. Don’t get confused. Take one topic from one subject daily and then stick to it and accomplish it first, then take another topic. You can prepare short notes for revision.

Other than these tips you need to maintain your calm and inner peace. Don’t study for longer hours continuously. Take short breaks during study hours. Instead of getting stressed, study peacefully and confidently. Be positive. Don’t get distracted from any mistakes that you make while doing mock exams. Instead learn from them. They are your best teachers for life.

Further, don’t compromise on your health.  It is equally important that you eat well, sleep well and stay stress free. These 3 are like the keys to success in SSC CGL Exam.

You can divide your time in a day to various topic for practice and revision both. For same, we have below provided you a SSC CGL 15 days – Daily Basis Time table which you can follow up.

Section Time Duration Time for Revision
Reasoning 2.5- 3 hours (1 -2 Topics) Revise all the learned tricks for 15 minutes
General Knowledge 1.5 Hours (Morning Hours) 15 Minutes Revision
Quantitative Aptitude 4 Hours (1- 2 Topics) 30 minutes Revision
English 1 Hour (Vocab & grammar) 15 minutes Revision

You can obviously have your own daily schedule as per you own convenience. If you want more elaborate time table than you can do this-

For last 15 days/2 weeks

Give at least one previous year paper from the first day to 15th day online. After that you should dedicate at least 2 hours to Logical Reasoning Practice, 1 hour for newspaper reading, 1-2 hours to Static GK, 2-4 hours for Maths practice, 1 hour for Vocabulary learning and 1 hour for miscellaneous topics. In between you can give one more mock test to check your improvement after revision. Make a list of your errors and try not to repeat them. Try to dedicate 7-8 hours daily to studies. This will help you to adjust yourself with the exam pressure.

Doing these steps will be enough to prepare yourself in last 15 days for the exams. Further things required are already mentioned above like your positive attitude. To relax yourself in between do listen to music and watch a light hearted or positive movie.

So, work hard and all the very best!

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