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Happy Mothers Day Quotes Everyone Must Read and Share

In India, we care our parents. Specially our mother because she is the first person behind our healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

It is in our culture to give respect to our parents and that’s the reason we adopted celebration of mother’s day that was initially started in the ancient era by the Greek and Romans.

Mothers Day Date

If you are also asking that when is mothers day celebrated in India then you must remember that it always falls on the second Sunday of May, and this year in 2016 it would be on 8th of May.

Mother’s Day 2016 in Other Countries

Country Date
India 8th May
Pakistan 8th May
Nepal 6th May
Bhutan Not
Sri Lanka 8th May
Myanmar 8th May
Afghanishtan 8th March
China 8th May
Bangladesh 8th May

As you can see almost all the neighboring country of India is also celebrating mothers day on 8th May.

It is an occasion for everyone who loves and care their mothers and that’s why I would suggest you to check the mothers day quotes that is collected from the Internet to make your mother’s day more memorable this year.

#10. Santaan chahe kitni bhi badi ho jaye,
maa ka aanchal kabhi chota nahi hota.

mother's day

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