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Top 5 Running Shoes to Buy Online in India, Starting from Rs.499/-

We all should care for our feets while running for better health or for preparing to join indian government jobs but we don’t know that which shoes will do those wonders under our budget.

Don’t worry I came up with an absolute list of 5 running shoes to buy online in India.

Lotto Men’s Tremor Mesh Running Shoes

buy lotto mens tremor mesh running shoes

If you are looking for a pair of sport shoes to do jogging, walking or running with comfort and ability to breathe then lotto men’s tremor mesh running shoes would be the best for you to buy now. Continue reading


Top 10 Best Smartphone for Students in India Under Budget of Rs.8000/-

Your friends have latest gadgets and that does not mean you should also have those gadgets but you should have access to technology and modern communication channels to cope up with the latest happenings in our country and the subjects you are preparing for.

And that’s why we have created this page to help you keep an eye on the best smartphone for students in India under the budget of Rs.8000/-

Lenovo Vibe K5 (Price : Rs.6,999/-)

lenovo vibe k5

I personally own a notebook and 2 all in one computer systems by Lenovo and that’s why I’m very much confident about the product quality, durability and after sales services. Continue reading